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Do you want to have fun?  Do you like vacations?  Malta is the place to go, the great experience you will have in Malta will blow your mind away.  Malta is actually an island located somewhere in the middle of Mediterranean Sea, a very small country but with a lot see and enjoy.  Before traveling to Malta you first need to look for a nice place to stay and enjoy your vacation.  Let me guide you on the most luxurious and best hotels you can book.


Why Hilton Malta?  Actually, Hilton Malta is one of the best hotels in Malta, this hotel is situated near the beach where you can actually see the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, the fine breeze and the beautiful sight in the morning and evenings are just amazing!  At Hilton Malta they have very spacious rooms that also includes a spacious balcony.  The good thing about this hotel is, it is packed with almost all the facilities that you may need.  It has different types of cuisines, well-equipped fitness center, tennis court, casino, five bars, spa, and swimming pools etc., all you need to enjoy your stay in Malta

hilton malta


Just like Hilton hotel, this hotel is situated even closer to the beach, so you can also enjoy the fine breezes and beautiful scenery of the Mediterranean Sea.  This hotel has got two private beaches, so if you are someone who needs some little bit of privacy at the beach, then this is the hotel to go.  The Westin Dragonara resort is best known for its restaurants, it has got three restaurants which serves some of the best meals you can ever enjoy in Malta.  It has one of its renowned restaurant called terrace which received an award-winning as one of the best restaurants, this restaurant serves a buffet daily from January to January, all year round.

Also, one thing you will enjoy at the Westin Dragonara Resort, you can have your drinks until late in the evening, so if you are someone who likes having fun drinking late, then this is the place to go.




This hotel is located in San Lawrenz, Gozo Island.  One the unique thing about this hotel is that it has one of the largest Ayurveda health centers in the Mediterranean island.  Also, it has got indoor pools which are heated, so you don’t have to worry about cold weather.  Also with a very well equipped gym, indoor and outdoor games, four different restaurants e.  t.  c.

This hotel is pocket-friendly compared to Hilton and the Westin Dragonara Resort.



This hotel is very close to the bus terminal and to Valletta ferry, so if you are in need of ferry services or bus services then this is the hotel to book.  It is unique with its rooftop spa which has a pool and two amazing restaurants.  Also, the hotel has unique suites, with each suite having individualized unique features, like texture, the lights, music etc.  Hence if you are someone who likes variety in suites, then this is the hotel to go, because it offers you a variety to choose from.



This is one of the less expensive hotels in my list of the best hotels in Malta, it is actually almost a minute walk to the beach.  It is located at St Julian’s and it has very unique rooms with a unique internal decor, flat screen TV and also a private balcony.  This hotel has five bars with each being unique with different cuisine and wines.  The hotel also has a unique rooftop where you can enjoy your evening with a great view of the island.


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