Sports and Fun Activities To Do in Malta

Fun in Malta

Malta is one of the most beautiful island countries in the world. It is a combination of islands that are located just south of Sicily in the central Mediterranean sea. Many tourists go to Malta for the holidays and vacations. It is one of the places that one should not fail to visit in their lifetime. Here are some of the sporting and fun activities to do while in Malta.

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  1. Watersports

There are so many water sports to try while in Malta. They include; water skiing, jet skiing, diving(including scuba diving), surfing, cruising, kayaking among many others. Malta being a group of islands water sports are the major sports activities to do there. Some are extreme in their danger but for any person who doesn’t mind a little risk as well as an adrenaline rush these water sports are a must try. Various types of equipment for the water sports are available for rent at the beaches and hotels.


  1. Joining the Malta Sports Club

The club is only about 4 km from Valletta. Tourists are allowed to be members on a weekly basis. It has a lot of sporting amenities available including a golf the club, tennis courts, cricket playgrounds, squash courts as well as a swimming pool. Many hotels in Malta also offer these facilities.

  1. Horseback Riding

It is quite popular among the tourists as well as the locals. One of the spectator sports on the northern side of the island is horse racing. It is a fun and an exciting way of spending your Sunday.

  1. Bowling

One of the fantastic ways to spend time with your friends and family. The good thing about bowling is that it is a game that is family friendly and you get to have fun together.

  1. Touring the Countryside Shores

The beautiful scenery of Malta is something to explore. You can have a guided cycling tour which would make it easier to reach places and routes that would be inaccessible while using a car. There are many places to rent a bicycle in the towns of Malta as well as repair shops. Also, you can explore the hiking trails in the Valletta City walk the Marfa Ridge, as well as the Dingli Cliffs.

One can also, go sightseeing of Malta’s numerous tourist attractions such as visiting
the St John’s Co-cathedral, Mdina old city, the various museums and other


  1. Paintball

The sport has become quite popular in the recent years. You should try paintball when in Malta, shoot and eliminate your friends with paintballs. Malta has designated
the sites to use as paintball sites. They include; Ta’ Qali as well as Kalkara.

  1. Casinos

They are numerous in Malta for both locals and the tourists including; the Dragonara
Casino, Oracle Casino, among many others. Gambling is a good way to relax as
well, as for earn money.

  1. Other Entertainment

Malta hosts a lot of cinemas and theatres where people go to enjoy themselves. They include the Top Choice Theatre located in Victoria; cinemas in Valletta, St Julian, Bugibba as well as St Paul’s Bay; Live performances et cetera.

Malta is a remarkable tourist destination. There are many more fun activities to do. It is an excellent place where people can go to relax and unwind during vacation.  Visit Malta and have the experience of your life.

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