Malta: A Beautiful place for a vacation!

Let’s Explore Malta

Malta is a beautiful place to take your family on vacation.  The beauty and history of this place will be last in the hearts of your family forever.


Malta is basically known as the Republic of Malta.  Malta became a republic in 1974.  This county is considered as a great tourist place as well.  Its location is in the middle of the Mediterranean.  You will find Christian legacy here in Malta.  And let me tell you guys, it is popular for its warm climate.  It is also famous for its historical monuments.  So this was just a small introduction regarding Malta by Me.  Now let me tell you some amazing facts of this place.


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Delicious Food: Well, Malta is famous for Pasta and pizza.  Apart from this Malta has some lovely meals such as pastizzi.  These are actually pastries which are filled with ricotta cheese or peas.  You will definitely love it as its a new type of pastry you will ever taste.  You will also fine wines, which is again considered as a specialty drink here in Malta.  Some of the wines here in Malta are inexpensive.  Apart from this, you will also find amazing cuisines, and English food is basically popular here.  So I can guarantee if you and your family will definitely enjoy the stay here.


Jewelry: So guys, shopping is the main factor if you are traveling, or you are on your vacation with your family.  So in Malta, you will also find amazing design jewelry, which will be surely liked by your Mom or Wife or Daughter, or anyone you want to gift this.  And the great thing is all the jewelry (that is mainly gold and silver ) are certified for authenticity and hallmarked by the Maltese Government Consul.  So don’t worry if it comes to the purchase of gold and silver from this amazing place.


Maltese Music: The most popular traditions in Malta is Maltese music which is popularly known as ”ghana” (it is pronounced as “aana”).  This Music includes background folk guitar music.  So, I can assure you, you and your family members will truly enjoy the Maltese music there.

Books in Malta: You can buy books there, which includes Maltese literature.  This kind of books reveals healthy blend diverse themes, also Romance, mystery or also comedy themes.  You and your family members will find this books interesting for sure.


Maltese Crafts: This is obvious that if we are on a vacation at an interesting place, we will definitely check some crafts for home decor or to gift.  So you will find various handmade crafts here in this place, which you will surely love it.

Malta crafts


So the above was the amazing facts, one should experience with their family.  And if it comes to my suggestion for a trip or a vacation, I will suggest this amazing place Malta.  So if you are planning to visit, I will assure you, your family and you will truly enjoy!!


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