Why You Should Visit Malta, And Where You Should Stay

Malta (also known as the Republic of Malta) is one of the island countries in
The Mediterranean Sea which can be your choice for this summer holiday destination.  There are a number of places and resorts according to your age and taste in Malta. But before we give you all the reasons in the world to make you visit this place, let’s talk about its geography more.

Malta has the total area of 316 km2 and is popular for its warm climate and some world heritage sites. Malta has a rich culture and most of them reflect the British culture as it was a part of The Great British Empire.


Now coming back to the reasons which will make you pack your bags and go to this exotic place for enjoying the cleanest beaches in the entire Europe.

Here are some points in support of this undebatable topic

  • World Heritage Site: The Megalithic temples are one of the oldest and absolutely stunning temples of the world.
  • Here we have the newly designed parliament by Renzo Piano himself.
  • One of the best bread; Maltese bread is amazing and extremely delicious.
  • If you know English then people from this place won’t be difficult to explore and communicate with as a majority of them speak English.
  • It has one of the best European airports so traveling will be smooth in here.
  • One of the unique features this place has to offer you is that you can never be more than 40 km away from your loved ones.
  • You get to swim in the blue lagoon. What else you want in your life, dude?
  • You will get to see one of the most beautiful boats in this place.
  • Malta is ranked 3rd in the list of scuba diving place.


Pretty exciting right? Well, this place has a lot to offer than just these things but rest of the things must be explored by visiting this joyful country.

Now you must be thinking about your stay in Malta, well we got you covered. We got some of the most luxurious and beautiful resorts listed for you:

  • Mellieha Bay: This resort is one the most peaceful resorts in Malta where you get to take the sunbathe and stay close to mother nature.
  • Bugibba: Despite being a small town, it has so many things to offer like seafront café, bars, and restaurants and also exciting water sports to try.
  • Julian’s: This one is in the heart of the town. In the daytime, you can enjoy and relax on the beach and in the night the town comes alive as this place has the best nightlife in Malta.
  • Marfa Bay: Marfa bay is just 5 km away from Mellieha Bay. This place has its own peaceful and quiet surroundings in Malta.
  • Sliema: This one is Malta’s largest resort both in style and luxuries. You will find designer boutiques and international brands here.


In the end, after checking all the points and places in Malta, all we can suggest that Malta is a must-go holiday destination for any beach lover in the world and should be visited at least once in the lifetime.

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About the author : Jason Patterson