Malta Holiday Guide

Holiday In Malta

This Malta travel guide will cover the most important travel information you are looking for.

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Ways To Get To Malta

There are two common ways to get there. It is either by sea or air. If you book in advance you can easily get a very cheap flight to Malta as many European airlines fly there from the major cities in Europe. You can also take a ferry from Pozallio in Sicily (Italy) which is the most popular ferry route.


What To Expect While Visiting Malta

  • The weather is interesting as the daytime temperature is about 30 C on summer while in winter it is 15 C
  • If you are looking for a beach holiday then in Malta you will find various types of beaches.
  • Majority of the Maltese speak English and are very hospitable.



When To Visit Malta

Summer is the ideal time for swimming, diving and sunbathing. This is the best time for a beach holiday. If you are budget conscious then winter is a good time for you as the flights are cheaper and accommodation too.


Getting Around Malta

Buses are mostly used as a mode of public transport in Malta.They can take you to the most remote parts of the island. You can use taxis which are reliable too. You can hire a car from recognized hire companies while in the airport although driving in Malta can be tricky (depending on where you are from) as people drive on the left side.


The most popular beaches in Malta are Golden Bay, Mellieha Bay, and Gain Tuffieha.Around its 250 Km coastline, you will find several beaches where some are sandy while others are rocky. Worry less about the quality of the bathing water is excellent and safety measures such as lifeguards are observed.



Best Things To Do In Malta

  • Take a ferry and visit Gonzo island try and swim and eat some fresh fish at Marsalforn.
  • Spend some time at the beach at Golden Bay or at Millie Bay you will find it interesting.
  • Enjoy some open air at night at the Giaanpula fields on the outskirts of Rabat.
  • If you love fish then have a meal at Marsaxlokk a place known for fresh fish.

There are also some great events organized around Maltese island that are worth to attend during your holiday

  • February – carnivore celebrations where volunteers create the most colorful floats to parade through the city
  • April – Medievak Medina an event that will take you back to the past. Music, a falconry display and a small market take place.
  • April – The Malta fireworks festival. In Malta fireworks are popular. A display of fireworks in Valletta takes place.
  • July – Isle of mat where some of the biggest musicians internationally act and the local clubs organize warm parties
  • July – The Malta beer festival where you will enjoy a variety of both local and international beers as you enjoy some performances from musicians.
  • September – The Malta air show which brings aviation displays from the rescue helicopters to jets across the globe.
  • Barge fest where people gather through the candles which are lit on the streets. There is a lot of food and entertainment.


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